Christmas Greetings from Congo

First elected in 2003 to the position of President of the Disciples of Christ Community with headquarters in Mbandada, Rev. Eliki Bonanga has led a resurgence of the Disciples in Congo.  Married with four children, Rev. Bonanga was raised at the mission post of Mondombe on the Tshuapa River.  He addressed this Christmas letter to Sandra Gourdet, Africa Executive of the Global Ministies of the Disciples and the United Church of Christ in the U.S.  The English translation from the French is by Dr. Gene Johnson.

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

First we want to acknowledge by this message your loving all-out
partnership to accomplish the Lord’s work by the 10-CDCC. Thanks to your
prayers, your visits, your advice and support to structural and
circumstantial events that we have experienced, we are coming to the end
of this year 2010. All the faithful of the CDCC and also all those out
there who love peace and love will remain grateful. You have strengthened
their faith in Jesus Christ. All Principal Supervising Pastors of our 23
Posts and missionary stations are aware.

After our visit to Basankusu, we are preparing to share with friends
along the axis Momboyo as far as Ifumu, the joy of the birth of Jesus.
When we return here at the end of the month of December, with God‘s help
we plan to go to Bosobele to bring cheer to all those out there who have
suffered the atrocities of the events of Enyele on the river route of the
station Bolenge (Ubangi River).

We wish you all, each and everyone Merry Christmas 2010 and best wishes
for the year 2011. We ask Mrs. Sandra to kindly convey our greetings to
our friends of DARF, the Districts of Texas, Missouri, Indiana, Michigan
and others. former missionaries who carry the CDCC in their hearts.

May God bless you.

Rev. ELIKI Bonanga,
Community President

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