Poster for Congo Week IV October 16-21, 2011
Poster for Congo Week IV October 16-21, 2011

As we approach Congo Week, October 16-22, this year I hear Pete Seeger singing the “The Bells of Rimney”, the haunting call to rally around the cause of Irish independence : “Oh what will you give me say the sad bells of Rimney?”   

“Oh, what will you give me ? say the sad drums of Congo.”   The drumming of the question becomes more pointed and focused the third week of October each year during “Congo Week”.

During this year’s “Congo Week” we have the opportunity to share with others the “Crisis in Congo”, an excellent film summarizing the origins of the agony of Congo today. The 27 minute film can be downloaded for viewing by your church, community organization, family and friends at this web address:

Other ways to express concern and support for the Congolese people’s struggle for truly democratic self-rule this year are:    

Register with the organizers of Congo Week and tell them how you plan to participate at:

Go to and express appreciation for their (Disciples and U.C.C.) sponsorship of Congo Week. They are the only U.S. Protestant mission board to do so as of now.

Mark the web site of as among your favorites and learn more about Congo’s history and potential from the lead organizers of Congo Week. Consider inviting them to speak at a university or church gathering in your area.

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