Congo Christmas in July


July 18, 2010 Prayer by layman for one of the offerings in the Church at Ikengo, Equateur Province
Maybe it’s the cultural emphasis on child bearing and parenthood. Maybe it’s the opportunity to celebrate Mary’s role in the divine drama in a predominantly Roman Catholic country. Maybe it’s the freedom to celebrate Christmas at all after being forbidden during most of the 32 years of Mobutu’s rule in Congo. Whatever the reason, the Congolese love Christmas. In many parishes of the Disciples Community in Congo, from a wire at the front of the church hang Christmas garlands, lights or bells. It can be seen as another offering, another testimony to the joy of Christ’s coming in the life of the community.


One thought on “Congo Christmas in July

  1. Bob Evans

    They really think ahead there. In fact, that’s the name of a movie in the ’50s (Christmas in July). I believe in the movie, someone wins a sweepstakes (but after that, things go wrong). It’s a comedy with lessons about the consequences of greed and overindulgence.


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