“A Prayer for Congo”


So now it’s my turn

  After all the petitions from friends and strangers;

It becomes tiring and so predictable

   You cringe inside and then they tell you their story.

So why not ask for it to be easier,

   The response to “what does this one really need?”.

We’ve had enough experience getting what we want

   How about asking for it to be easier on us all?

Yes, do make our world more beautiful,

    And cut our hearts with the truth;

Plant seeds of courage and passion

   And give them their due.

Narrow the gaps between us,

   And if it be a struggle name us all righteous,

United and armed with the matchless love,

   And give them their due.

If this be not the time give us vision

   To make all our small acts seem larger

In the unfolding of our story

    And give them their due.

And when we come before you

    And know your humbling glory,

Let us see how we came together for you

   And gave them their due.

Written by Doug Smith for Congo Week October 2010

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