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Posted June 11, 2010. Apologies for the flawed video; future posted files need to be smaller apparently.  The burial of Mama Entamboji followed immediated the funeral service which took place 6/10/10 at Mbandaka III church, the Disciples “cathedral” church.  The dirt road fronting the church divides its parcel from that of the Bokotola housing project whose beginnings Millard Fuller describes in his book of that name.  Bokotola was the first community to realize the Fullers’ vision of Habitat for Humanity.

“My first afternoon in Mbandaka Joseph Ikete informed me of the death early that morning of “Mama” Entomboji, 78 years old, long time leader of the women’s movement of the Disciples community here.  In this video you will see her burial at Bolenge, the first Disciples mission “post” in Congo. Leading the mourners is Rev. Mputu Clement and Rev. Bafalanga Jeanette.